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Smoky Mountain Mustang Club Makes Donation

Smoky Mountain Mustang Club made a $650 donation to the Smoky Mountain Lions Charities, Mobile Vision Van to help them give sight to those that need assistance. SMLC accepting the donation were Left to right Lion Jim McFarland – Project Manager, Lion Andy Stephenson – Volunteer Coordinator, David Crawford-Fund Raiser coordinator and Bobby Miller – President Smoky Mountain Mustang Club.


Second Harvest Volunteer Day

Second Harvest Volunteer Day

February 23, 2018

On Friday February 23, six members of the Smoky Mountain Mustang Club plus two friends of the Maddox (corvette club) and an extra Second Harvest volunteer participated in our first volunteer day in 2018 at Second Harvest warehouse facility in Maryville. Our task on this volunteer day was to transfer Frosted Cheerios from a large bulk container into 3 oz. bags which were than stacked 42 to a cardboard box. The cardboard boxes were than stacked onto a pallet for later distribution to needy school children. All of this was performed again in the clean room since we were handling cereal from open bulk food containers. We all had to wear cloves and have hair nets as well as those of us with beards also had to wear a chin net over our beard.

The six SMMC members which attended this volunteer day were Dave Anderson, Jay and Lithia Ambrister, Steve Young and Jim and Pam Maddox. Don and Carolyn Blind, corvette club friends of Jim and Pam, joined us. A Second Hqrvest extra volunteer, Bradley, also joined us for the afternoon of volunteering. Everyone again agreed this was a meaningful volunteer activity for the club to perform and hope others from the club will be able to join us in a future volunteer day.

Why I Belong To SMMC

One of the reasons I belong and activity support the Smoky Mountain Mustang Club (SMMC) is we are true to our club’s “Covenant”. One of the important objectives of the SMMC Covenant, besides promoting the legacy of the Ford Mustang, is that we also strive to identify and participate in volunteer activities and provide monetary donations which benefit local community charities. Last year we volunteered twice at Second Harvest of East Tennessee and we are having our first volunteer day this year on February 23, 2018 from 1-4 pm. I encourage all of my club members to come out and support this worthwhile local community charity activity.

Dave Anderson

SMMC Regional Show-September 16, 2017

On Sunday, September 17th, after lunch, one of our out-of-state guests came up to Dick Ziegler and pointed out to him that this group has put together a great family oriented club.  That was demonstrated by the atmosphere at the show, the young man filling out a membership application at lunch, and the out-of-state guests that participated.

Friday night set up was accomplished in less than two hours.  A good group of club members, both local and out-of-state were there doing whatever needed to be done.  During setup, we had the pleasure of seeing several attendees cruise through the parking lot as they checked out the location and then asked where the nearest car wash was located.

Saturday, the club was out in force by 7:00 am.  Tents went up, yellow ribbon was strung around the show area and we did a trial run with our own cars to assure the registration process was working and we knew what we were doing – or at least thought we knew what we were doing.

Our first regional show was blessed with absolutely beautiful weather.  The show area we marked off would have accommodated 150 cars and if we had claimed the entire lot, we probably could have doubled that to 300 cars.  With this being our first show, it was probably best that we didn’t have 150 cars.

Roane State Community College was an excellent location for a show.  There was shade along the edge of the parking lot and near the building.  A biggie for many was the indoor plumbing, which was open until we left on Friday evening and reopened before we arrived at 7:00 am on Saturday.  The one short coming of this site was the lack of spectator traffic such as when using a mall parking lot or a site next to (and visible from) a high traffic road.

Our Best of Show and Best of Class awards, hand made by Bobby Miller, were a hit with the participants.  We heard many positive comments on these trophies. 

Feedback from the participants regarding the show were all positive.  Many of our guests talked about the family atmosphere, the enjoyment they had seeing the cars and meeting new people, and in general, they said they just simply had fun and planned to come back.  Here is some of the feedback we received via email from participants that are not members of our club:

“We LOVED it!!! Great folks, great venue, great pony run and great food!!  Put us on your email list so we don’t miss any future shows!”

“I enjoyed being there.  Nice, low key event.  I was pleasantly surprised to see MCA friends such as Billye and Bob and Mike and Lorie there.”

“…we had a great time at your show”

“My wife and I had a fantastic time this weekend. Everyone has very friendly to us and made us feel welcome.”

“Great job on your first show, your members are real nice folks.  The quality of cars was very good.  The location was terrific and the silent auction and door prizes were exceptional.  I certainly expect the event to grow as the word begins to circulate, we will do our part in our area.”

The participants that were familiar with MCA shows were also impressed with the number of MCA Gold Card judges we had attending and performing the judging duties.  (Thank you to all who helped judge when you were volunteer for the job by Jane.)  Often at an MCA National Show, there are not enough Gold Card judges to have one on each judging team.  We were fortunate to have at least one Gold Card on every judging team, in fact most teams were entirely MCA Gold Card and we did not use all of the Gold Card Judges that attended the show.

One last note.  Keep this in mind for next year that if your ticket for the 50/50 drawing doesn’t match the winning number just turn the ticket upside down and check again.  You never know how the ticket might be read.

We just hope Rudolph doesn’t have to show back up at the next show!

Thanks to everyone for jobs well done!