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Second Harvest Volunteer Day

Second Harvest Volunteer Day

February 23, 2018

On Friday February 23, six members of the Smoky Mountain Mustang Club plus two friends of the Maddox (corvette club) and an extra Second Harvest volunteer participated in our first volunteer day in 2018 at Second Harvest warehouse facility in Maryville. Our task on this volunteer day was to transfer Frosted Cheerios from a large bulk container into 3 oz. bags which were than stacked 42 to a cardboard box. The cardboard boxes were than stacked onto a pallet for later distribution to needy school children. All of this was performed again in the clean room since we were handling cereal from open bulk food containers. We all had to wear cloves and have hair nets as well as those of us with beards also had to wear a chin net over our beard.

The six SMMC members which attended this volunteer day were Dave Anderson, Jay and Lithia Ambrister, Steve Young and Jim and Pam Maddox. Don and Carolyn Blind, corvette club friends of Jim and Pam, joined us. A Second Hqrvest extra volunteer, Bradley, also joined us for the afternoon of volunteering. Everyone again agreed this was a meaningful volunteer activity for the club to perform and hope others from the club will be able to join us in a future volunteer day.

Why I Belong To SMMC

One of the reasons I belong and activity support the Smoky Mountain Mustang Club (SMMC) is we are true to our club’s “Covenant”. One of the important objectives of the SMMC Covenant, besides promoting the legacy of the Ford Mustang, is that we also strive to identify and participate in volunteer activities and provide monetary donations which benefit local community charities. Last year we volunteered twice at Second Harvest of East Tennessee and we are having our first volunteer day this year on February 23, 2018 from 1-4 pm. I encourage all of my club members to come out and support this worthwhile local community charity activity.

Dave Anderson