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We meet the 1st Tuesday of each month at Pizza Inn 1501 Oak Ridge Turnpike, Oak Ridge, TN 37930. Meeting starts at 7:00 pm and we have the room starting at 6:00 pm. Come early to eat with us. Everyone is welcome.

The Smoky Mountain Mustang Club (SMMC) is an incorporated nonprofit organization to preserve and promote the Ford Mustang from the initial models manufactured in mid-1964 through the present. The SMMC shall strive to share information and technical knowledge about the Ford Mustang among its members and the general public. The SMMC will sponsor, participate and promote various public displays, excursions and car shows which display Ford-powered vehicles, particularly the Mustang, for SMMC members and general public viewing enjoyment. The SMMC has been chartered by the Mustang Club of America to serve the East Tennessee region of Campbell County, Anderson County, Roane County and Morgan County.

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